Litter due week of 9/27/2021

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V KYRRA VOM HAUS MILESEVAC and BH, IPO1, Hips,, hips: SV:HD a-normal(a-1), Elbows SV: normal is an import from Europe, gorgeous BIG boned young female German Shepherd with a beautiful Black and Red coat. Kyrra shows off while performing with great nerves and strength, she excels in all that she does. Kyrra is very social, excellent with kids, great in large crowds and with other pets. We are excited to have her here at Metro K9 Academy and look forward to working with her puppies, and competing with her in Schutzhund.

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Champ Vom Elvisov

SG Champ Vom Elvisov IGP1, IPO1 BH, IPO1,
HD f.normal, ED normal
Champ is a young gorgeous male with Deep rich black and red color, he has great structure and is hip and elbow certified. Champ is fully trained and holds titles in the sport of Schutzhund, a BH and IGP1/ IPO1. Champ can keep competing in the Sport or be your Executive K9, to Protect your family and home. Champs obedience is energetic while his Protection is powerful with full grips. Champ has great nerves, he is very social with people and kids, also very good with other dogs. Champs presence alone will intimidate any intruder or deter the unwanted guest. Champ can be sent on a bad guy or he can be told it’s OK. He will follow your direction with no hesitation, and if you are not there he will guard/protect his home/car or family 24/7. He is the complete package!!! Please contact Bobby for more information.

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