Every Saturday you can come with your canine companion to participate in training with Metro K9 Academy’s professional trainers in a group setting. There are six levels of classes. If you’re just thinking about enrolling, Metro K9 still offers a free evaluation to determine what level of training would be appropriate for the best results for your dog. Both you and your dog will progress through the levels at your own pace with 6 months of training. Prices vary on temperament of dog. Please call Bob at 201-874-1515 to set up your FREE evaluation. Our dogs do not speak a language! With our dog training programs in New Jersey we teach you how to create companionship along with obedience through clear communication. During the six months of attendance you will see more consistent results that stick! Can’t make it to class one week? No problem! Our classes are designed to allow you to miss the occasional Saturday and not lag behind. Learn how to train your dog in an enjoyable pressure-free atmosphere! A good dog is a happy dog!

All training 100% Guaranteed!

Metro K9 Academy Group Class Overview

Here are some of are Saturday morning group class students.

Level 1 Start Class: Start class lecture. Lecture covering principles of dog training, equipment, and overview of level 2 and group class design. Registration is required prior to attending a start class.

Level 2: Sit and Sit/Stay, Down and Down/Stay, Walking with a Loose Lead.
Level 2 Testing: Dog must perform a sit stay with the handler at the end of a 6ft lead. Handlers must be able to walk all the way around their dog without breaking. Dogs must show the ability to walk with the handler without causing tension on the lead. Handler must change directions frequently.

Level 3: Sit and Sit/Stays with added distractions. Down and Down/Stays with added distractions. Begin adding resistance stays. Begin recalls with sit-fronts. Begin recalls from the length of a flexi. Begin sit from a down.
Level 3 Testing: Sit and Sit Stay while handler stands on the lead. Down and Down/Stay while handler stands on the lead. Distractions including clapping hands, stomping feet, running at the dog etc. Recall at the end of a six foot lead to a sit-front. Dog must come in and sit without correction or guidance.

Level 4: Begin heeling with pace changes, left turns, right turns, about turns and halts. Begin long distance recalls with sit-fronts. Longer sit and down stays. Begin stands and looks.
Level 4 Testing: Dog must heel with a loose lead demonstrating a halt and about turn. Dogs must show a recall from the other side of the room. Dogs must complete a 30 second sit and down stay from across the room. Dogs must do a 30 second stand stay at the end of a 6ft lead.

Level 5: Begin sit and down in motion. Begin heeling with the leash dragging. Resistance stands and ooks. Faster pace changes, quick halts, and run-out about turns. Add distractions to recalls.
Level 5 Testing: Dogs must heel with leash dragging showing an about turn, halt, a sit in motion, and a down in motion. Dog must perform an ook and a stand with the handler walking around the dog.

Level 6: All exercises in the Metro K9 Academy’s Graduates Test.
Level 6 Testing: The Metro K9 Academy’s Graduates Test is held the last Saturday of every month.

Head Start Puppy Program

This is the premier puppy training in New Jersey. Our puppy training program gives NJ dog owners the chance to properly socialize their puppies with both people and dogs. It helps owners develop the skills needed to communicate with and understand their pups and is all done in a “positive” manner. Puppies experience how fun learning can be and owners learn how to manage their new pup and the proper way to handle common behavioral problems. Owners will also see how much training can enrich their relationship and improve life with their new canine companion. Each session will have a problem solving segment giving you the chance to discuss problems you may be having at home with a professional. With proper puppy imprinting and following through with obedience training you will experience an amazing relationship with your pet that you may have otherwise never experienced. 

Lessons will include:

  • Housebreaking, crate training, imprinting, clicker training, free-shaping, household manners, chewing, barking, and releasing a toy or other object, feeding, exercise. Also exposure to other owners and dogs through a proper introduction and while monitored by a professional.
  • Problem Solving Q&A period
  • Field Trips available to take your dog into higher traffic areas to ensure proper handling under professional supervision while experiencing high level stimulation and distractions. This is a great step towards having the perfect pet that can accompany you in public and throughout your daily routine.