Metro K9 Academy’s Family Personal Protection Training Program:

One of the first questions families ask is “Will it change the loving temperament/personality of my pet?”. My answer is that it depends on who is doing the training, there are a lot of qualified people out there but there are also a lot of unqualified people/trainers. Metro K9 Academy offers a FREE evaluation before we can even start doing Protection work. K9’s that are selected need to be very social and must have a strong obedience. Here at Metro K9 Academy we teach the dog how to defend the family, all our dogs are under control and obedient during the process. Metro K9 Academy will teach your K9 to bark on command and act aggressively when commanded to, they will also be able to turn off and then greet the person friendly. Your K9 will be able, once turned on, to BITE and apprehend an aggressor and hold that person until commanded to let go.

Commands that are used during Metro K9 Academy’s Family Personal Protection are as follows.

Pass Auf (pass-Owf) is the command to alert your K9. At this time, they will start barking aggressively and start deterring the aggressor. They will also stay in front and protect the family.

Fassen: this is the attack command, this command is given when you release your K9 and they physically make contact with the aggressor by biting and holding.

Aus: is the command used when you want your K9 to release the aggressor.

People ask why these words. It’s simple, these are words that are NOT used in typical conversations, we never want to have any miscommunication with your K9.

Length of course is typically 16 classes. Cost for Family Personal Protection Training depends on the K9 but starts at $2,500. There are also lifetime refresher courses available. You will also receive a K9 certification at the completion/graduation. Metro K9 Academy also offer advanced protection this is all OFF LEASH, and K9’s must first go thru Metro K9’s Family Personal Protection and our basic and Advanced obedience programs or a comparable program from a Professional trainer. Cost for this program is on an individual assessment. For more information or if you would like to schedule your FREE evaluation call Bobby at 201-230-2285 or email me at .