Originally Schutzhund training was NOT about a sport, but as a means to test dogs to see if they are worthy of breeding. It was also used as a test to see if they could handle the pressures of being a Police K9. Schutzhund
Training as a means of dog testing has expanded into a super competing dog sport.

Schutzhund training really did start out as training of a German Shepherd. It was developed in the 1900’s as a test. There are 3 levels and 3 phases in each level of Schutzhund. They are Tracking, Obedience and Protection.


A track is either laid by the handler or a track layer. While laying a track the track layer will leave specific items on the track, length of track depends on the level. After track is laid the Handler and K9 will go out and go footstep by footstep. The K9 will be out in front 33 feet and working alone which is very hard and stressful, K9’s should also indicate on articles that were left on track,typically dogs are trained to down on articles. K9’s are also graded on enthusiasm and how tight they stay to the track.


Schutzhund obedience is a routine that shows all basics and advanced maneuvers it is basically the same routine throughout the levels but as you move up the levels additional commands need to be performed. It covers everything from your basic heeling freely and around people to a stand in motion, to a send out, it also includes the retrieval of dumbbells over jumps and A-frames.


Schutzhund protection was made to show the natural genetics of the German Shepherd to guard and protect. Schutzhund protection is all about the control and the stability of the K9. While there is aggression involved, the dog must display tremendous nerves with confidence and the ability to know the difference between a threat and non threatening person.


Schutzhund is hands down one of the highest forms of training a dog can receive. Schutzhund is a very big commitment, financially and very time consuming but the results are definitely worth it. If you have any other questions or would like to get involved, Please contact us.