Everyone always wants to say hi and pet the dog, but what everyone doesn’t know is not every dog wants to be petted by a stranger. Just like you, they are doing there job and that job is protect there pack. My name is Robert Gierla and I am know and respected to be one of the top dog training experts in the industry, I offer a spectacular, entertaining and knowledgeable seminar using live dogs to demonstrate animal behavior, there drives and instincts. We will discuss and demonstrate proper human reactions and techniques. We will also discuss some Safety equipment that you can carry to help you get out of these situations if need be. And lastly we will suite you up and let you take a LIVE bite from one of are trained K9’s.

Major employers like PSE&G New Jersey and Long Island along with American Water, Suez Water,UPS and many more, Regularly use us at there safety meetings, What Metro K9 and Robert Gierla offer is jammed packed high intense with 30 years of knowledge and some humor mixed in. When we leave the meeting people are talking and laughing about the crazy dog guy and how they can’t believe how informative and how well trained the dogs where. We want them talking so this way it’s a constant reminder when they are out in the field. One of the best compliments I get is when I am driving down the streets and I see a company we deal with and the guys/gals yell to me ‘hey dog guy’Thats when I know then the meeting was a SUCESS!! So if you are looking to add some excitement and highly informative information to your All Hands meeting, General awareness or Safety meetings, please call to secure your date Today!!

I have over 30 years of experience in the training of Police K9’s, Guard dogs. While specializing in animal behavior and temperament, I have trained and competed in the highest levels of Schutzhund and AKC. I have been they expert witness in numerous K9 court cases, on both sides, the K9’s and the human side. I have been breeding German Shepherds for over 30 years. I have been teaching this class for over 20 years and this K9 Awareness Safety Class that we offer to our companies and there employees especially meter readers or any delivery person that steps on someone’s property is one of the most informative and possible a life saving class. With this program in place in some of the biggest companies, I am proud to say that dog attacks or dog bites have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY and in some cases eliminated.