Aurum Vom Haus Gierla

Aurum Vom Haus Gierla, OFA Hips GOOD and Elbows Normal, DM Normal. Aurum is a Son Of Clyde Vom Haus Gierla and a Grandson of Famous and World renowned V Drago Vom Patriot SchH3. IPO3. Aurum is a very Thick Boned, Black and Tan with EXTREME drives in EVERYTHING he does. His tracking is intense, Obedience is all focus Quick and Flashy, His Protection is off the charts always under control with POWERFUL, FULL grips, whether it’s on the sleeve, Suite or if you dare the hidden sleeve. If you are looking to have a TOP K9 for your department or a high Competitor for the Sport, or want to GREATLY enhance your Breeding Program, Aurum has it all and produces it in his Offspring. For more information on his upcoming puppies or his Stud Service, Please call or text Bobby 201-230-22855 . Check out his certified Pedigree.

Gary Vom Haus Milesevac

SG, IPO3 Hip; SV : HD a-fast normal (a2) Elbows; SV fast normal Gary is powerful Black and Red German Shepherd who has produced some top competitors. Gary is a fierce competitor in Schutzhund, He has great focus, strong grips in his bite work and shows enthusiasm in each phase of Schutzhund. Gary is very social with everyone, He excels in the Sport of Schutzhund or when he is protecting his property/house or his family. Gary is your Ultimate Executive Protection K9 and he produces that in all his puppies. Check out Gary’s pedigree;


V7 BSZS 2019, VA ITA Falco Von Farhantal IPO2 2020 Austria Seiger “WINNER”IGP1/IPO1, Kkl 1, Hip: SV: HD a- fast normal(a2) Elbows SV: Ed Normal Falco is a gorgeous Thick BIG boned German Shepherd with a beautiful Black and Red coat. Falco is the grandson of the famous 2X VA1(BSZS &USA) IPO3, Kkl 1. Falco shows off while strutting around the ring and competing in Schutzhund, and proved that by winning the 2020 Austria Seiger show. Falco is very social, excellent with kids, great in large crowds and with other pets. We are so excited at Metro K9 Academy to have him bred toUssy. Looking forward to working with his puppies. Check out his pedigree;


Clyde is a young, thick big boned full black male German Shepherd. Clyde is a full son of Drago Vom Patriot (Sch3,IPO3, Kkl 1) and Lumpi vom Hunxer (Wald IPO3). Clyde has amazing drive, with a great bark followed by a full bone crushing bite. Clyde is currently being trained in Schutzhund and IPO work. We are looking forward to this 2018 spring trials with him. Clyde’s certified pedigree can be found at:

Bahus Team Carrera

Bahus hips: SV HD A- normal (a1), Elbows: SV Normal (No Changes). Bahus was imported from our kennel in Europe and is a BIG Thick boned Black and Red. Who is bred from father V rated(SG 19 BSZS) Ares Grunemont and mother Lions Team Carrera. Bahus is very Social with people excellent with kids and other dogs. Bahus is Great in large crowds, and thrives on being the Family Guardian/ Protector.
Click Here for Bahus’s Certified Pedigree


Chev is a beautiful mature BIG boned full black male with great structure. Chev is super social and has been socialized from riding train’s, busses and elevators to walking down the streets of New York City. Chev is great with kids and other dogs. Chev is the ultimate babysitter or for that top Executive to travel to work with. Chev is the ultimate body guard while you are out of town. You will have the comfort of knowing Chev is always on duty 24/7 watching over your family. Chev has a very intimidating look and will defuse a situation before it escalates. Chev is trained to a level 5 and is constantly being trained and tested. Chev’s certified pedigree can be found at: Chev can be delivered to you by one of our master trainers for any other questions please call Bobby at 201-230-2285 or email;

Sujovolsky’s Thor

Sujovolsky’s Thor is very loyal and likes being around the family where he will play or lay around until called upon. Whether it’s going for a run or using his protection skills to alert you if something is not right to warding off intruders. If needed, he can be sent to bite and hold the bad guy until he is told to release. Sujovolsky’s Thor is currently trained to a level 4 and is continually being trained and tested. Sujovolsky’s Thor can be delivered to you by one of our master trainers for a nominal fee. Prices vary depending on location. Sujovolsky’s Thor’s certified pedigree can be found at: For any other questions please call Bobby at 201-230-2285 or email:

Champ Vom Elvisov

SG Champ Vom Elvisov IGP1, IPO1 BH, IPO1, HD f.normal, ED normal Champ is a young gorgeous male with Deep rich black and red color, he has great structure and is hip and elbow certified. Champ is fully trained and holds titles in the sport of Schutzhund, a BH and IGP1/ IPO1. Champ can keep competing in the Sport or be your Executive K9, to Protect your family and home. Champs obedience is energetic while his Protection is powerful with full grips. Champ has great nerves, he is very social with people and kids, also very good with other dogs. Champs presence alone will intimidate any intruder or deter the unwanted guest. Champ can be sent on a bad guy or he can be told it’s OK. He will follow your direction with no hesitation, and if you are not there he will guard/protect his home/car or family 24/7. He is the complete package!!! Please contact Bobby for more information.