When researching dogs for sale, one thing you are bound to notice is the variability in price. This will vary amongst providers, and even amongst dogs offered by the same provider. This is due in part to the level of quality and investment that has gone into each individual. Here at Metro K9 Academy, we do not claim to be the cheapest. We find that those that take the “cheap route” in the dog world by cutting corners, end up with dogs that are not the quality they claim to be. We only start out with the highest quality puppies and then simply tailor their training to specific levels. This means there are no lesser dogs, rather just dogs that have undergone less specialized training. Not every one needs the highest level of personal protection dog, but this does not mean that you will be getting an inferior dog. Rather many of our highest level protection dogs have simply received extensive training, that is overkill for your requirements. Instead of trying to push a high dollar dog on you, we will work with you to find out which dog will best fit into your life.