Metro K9 Academy is your trusted source for quality K9 training services in New Jersey. Whether you want to train your family dog to provide personal protection, you are struggling with obedience training at home or you have other needs, we can help.

Stay & Learn Program

Our Stay & Learn program is an immersive experience that focuses on both behavior modification and obedience. Your dog will receive personalized attention in our facility for at least three weeks. Because of the intensity of this program, it may produce results in weeks that would take a dog owner more than a year to achieve at home.

Group Dog Training in North Jersey

Do you want to take a hands-on approach with your dog training efforts? We offer six levels of group training classes every Saturday. These classes enable you to work directly with your dog while benefiting from professional guidance. Since you and your dog can work at your own pace, this program is suitable for all skill levels.

Private Dog Obedience Training

To share the same space comfortably, your dog must be able to understand and respond to your commands. Our Private Obedience Training program allows you and your dog to work in an exclusive setting with our dog trainer. This is a focused dog training experience that can strengthen your bond with your dog and that will produce a more satisfying relationship.

Family Personal Protection Training

Your dog has fierce protective tendencies, and our Family Personal Protection Training program enables you to take command of any situation. Through this specialized training, we will teach your dog how to respond immediately to commands to bark aggressively, to apprehend an individual and even to offer a friendly greeting to a stranger when instructed to do so.

Police Dog Training

Our Schutzhund Police Dog training program follows the standards established decades ago specifically for German Shepherds. It focuses on tracking, obedience and protection, and it follows three levels of training for each category. Through this program, your dog will be well-prepared to participate in competitions and to perform up to your high standards in a variety of settings.

Scent Work

Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. Through our Scent Work program, your dog can be trained to learn and track specific scents. This program is often selected by dog owners in New Jersey in conjunction with our Schutzhund training program for well-rounded results.

AKC Good Citizen and Puppy S.T.A.R

These programs have been designed by the American Kennel Club to promote everything from obedience and manners to social interaction and more. As part of the AKC Certification program, your dog will be given a variety of tests and will be rated according to performance. The dog owner will also sign the AKC’s Responsible Dog Owner pledge.

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At Metro K9 Academy in New Jersey, we want your dog to live up to your high expectations. With a wide range of K9 training services available, our dog trainer can deliver the results you need to see.

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