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German Shepherd Puppies for Sale in NJ

All Purebred German Shepherd Puppies are not the same!

Selective Breeding: All of our puppies are bred from dogs that we selectively chose and raised since puppies to be our breeding stock from the best pedigree puppies.

Bred for Training: All our purebred GS puppies have proven temperaments and have a wide range of training capabilities.

Lineage of Champions: They come from the best pedigrees: from Grand Champions, Bundaseiger winners/participants and Schutzhund to IPO National/World Champions.

Fully Capable: Your GS puppy will have steady nerves, a loving demeanor and the capability to do whatever you are looking to do.

Training At Any Level: From a family companion/personal protector to the highest levels in competition, AKC obedience ring or going to compete in the unlimited world of Schutzhund to a top Police K9

Health Gurantee: Your puppy will come with complete shot records and our Health Guarantee.