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Randy and Shadow

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Andrea and Ando

Hello Bobby,
you asked me to write you a synopsis of our experience with you and I wrote it down the best I could without writing a novel and make you fall asleep reading ;-)
Here it is :
When Ando first came to you he was incredibly reactive and aggressive towards people due to fear aggression. I was at my wits end and did not trust my dog in the vicinity of people and training came to a standstill in this regard.
We still walked but it turned into a "watch for people and take evasive action at any time" deal which left me tense which in turn traveled through the leash and made Ando even more paranoid and reactive.
While meeting with you, you suggested the Board and Train as our best option since he was out of control. I agreed and while I missed Ando terribly while he was gone I knew this was the best for him and a new beginning for us.
When the weeks finally were over I got to meet a different dog. It was Ando but he had confidence, patience and obedience now.
Since he had done his homework and was behaving so wonderful it was time for ME to learn also that I can trust him and you sent us home and try.
We had a rocky start as I was learning to be confident - he knew his stuff - I was the one that caused the problems.
Determined to succeed we both did our homework and worked diligently - for three days it was obedience in the fenced yard only with no distractions to build my faith and trust and hone what we had learned - together.
The following week we had another session to follow up with you - and it surpassed my wildest dreams.
People came to greet us, we had dogs and their handlers running at us and around us, we got boxed in by people ..... and he was calm and I started to have fun and trusted him in his obedience !
Ando and me have trust and confidence in our relationship again - something that was painfully lacking before - and with this we are off and running to build on this and be the best we can possibly be.....Free of Fear and Anxiety and Distrust.
I cannot Thank Bobby enough for the amazing work he has done - it changed both of our lives completely and in a wonderful, happy way !
Much Love from the both of us and we`ll see you in Group Class,
Andrea and Ando


Ashley and jack Daniels

I adopted Jack Daniels from Purrs n' Pups and he is a year old lab shepherd mix. He always listened and stayed in the yard, but always barked and ran away when he saw someone.He was also attacked by another dog when he was 8 months old. After that i was afraid to take him to dog parks, pet stores, anywhere. I took the group lessens at Metro's Total control K9 academy to build his confidence. Now he has calmed down and has better focus. now i have the confidence that i can recall him or distract him when i need to. Now he carries himself and responds better to other people and dogs.

Barbra and Bo Jangles

Barbra and Bo Jangles are new Group Clients. Bo Jangles is approximately 6 years old and he breaks that rule that you can't train and old dog new tricks. Bo Jangles learn something new every week. And they are very excited for more.


Chris and Kimon

Chris who is 7 years old with Kimon at 7weeks old is already in rolled in Saturday group classes. We are getting Chris and Kimon ready for AKC obedience trials.


Dude is a 11 month old German Shepherd that is here for Executive Protection Training.

Gary and Drago

Gary and Dargo a 4 month old German Shepherd just starting in are group classes are doing EXCELLENT , Very energetic and willing to work.

Kaitlin and Monty

Monty is a 5 year old Belgian Malinois mix who I adopted from Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge when he was 1 yr old. He had been in and out of the shelter, and was dog aggressive. I started doing private lessons to get him better around dogs, and he has done so well that now we are in the group class. He is much better around other dogs now and is a lot more obedient.

Kathy and Iroc

Kathy and Iroc just started are Group Classes , and so far they are doing Terrific.


King is a 5 month old German Shepherd that just completed are 3 week stay and learn program. King was picked up by his owners that thought we switched him with another dog . They couldn't believe the transformation of him in just 3 weeks. After seeing king perform they want to drop off there female for the same program.


Kona is currently going thru are Group classes and Private lessons. Kona is a very large Boned red Dobermen Pincher that is only 11 months old. Tony the owner of Kona is looking to title him in the sports of Service Dogs of America , PSA and AKC obedience trials. Tony and Kona are very determined and will make excellent Compettitors. GOOD LUCK to them.

Luie and BB

Michelle and Buddy

Randy and Shadow

Randy is one of are success stories for Group Classes. Shadow was a little rough to handle around strangers and other dogs, but each week Randy and shadow get one more step closer to there goal. Shadow has shown huge improvement and is now capable to be around strangers and he tolerates other dogs around him.

Rosanna , Breanna and Bullet

Rosanna and Breanna have purchased Bullet fully trained in Obedience and completly house broken. Bullet is excellent and very well mannered. Breanna will be handling Bullet during are group training classes just so she can bond better and work with Bullet in all that he can do.

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